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This Is How You Can Connect With BeYouPlus Expert Dermatologists Online


Staying at home during this unusual tragic situation of COVID-19 has caused many people to change their makeup, hair-care and skin-care routine. Seeing a dermatologist can be a time-consuming, unnecessary risky and drawn-out process. So it obviously makes sense that a consultation with an online dermatologist would sound intriguing and helping.


The idea is simple enough. Download BeYouPlus App from Playstore or App store and fill in some simple personal details and login.

Once logged in you will be able to access a lot of wonderful content and can book your appointment online as well as offline while being at home. You can learn about other BeYouPlus Signature Treatments and can book your treatment session for future use as well.

After successfully logging in, you need to visit the doctor’s icon by clicking on the third screen option. There you would be able to view the benefits of why consulting BeYouPlus Expert Dermatologists Online can be proved as one of the best decision for your skin & hair care. Click on the ‘Book Consultation’ button and your online consultation journey will begin from here.

After clicking on ‘Book Consultation’ icon, we will ask a couple of questions from you to know more about your history and present concern’s condition. It would be simple questions around your habits, skin condition, family’s and your’s health history and so on.

After answering a few of the essential questions, you will be asked to book the slot like on the screen above. You can book the appointment as per your convenience and then click ‘Confirm’. Then complete the payment process and Voila! Get ready to receive a skin & hair regimen after your video call consultation with BeYouPlus Expert Dermatologist.

Benefits of Online Dermatologist Consultation

The process plays out depending on your skin type, specific concerns, and the service that you choose. Based on the information provided by you, BeYouPlus Expert Dermatologist will offer a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan or regimen of topical products.

Tele-dermatology services are most effective in prescribing common medications like oral antibiotics for a variety of concerns. If you aren’t quite sure if your issue is run-of-the-mill or more urgent, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to an online dermatologist for a consult. The greatest strengths of tele-derm are triaging between what really needs to be seen and what can probably be managed at home.

If you’re in a particularly remote part of the country where specialized care is hard to come by, reaching out to someone online may be the easiest (or only) way to get seen—and that’s obviously better than doing nothing at all for your skin & hair issues.

So if you’re dealing with ambiguous or severe symptoms—or a flat-out emergency—seek in-person care (even if it means having to travel) right away. But if you’re curious about treating your acne or if you need to refill your psoriasis medication, speaking with BeYouPlus Expert Dermatologist is absolutely an option.

Consult BeYouPlus Expert Dermatologist at +919870293933 for all your skin and hair issues and avoid googling for solutions as it may sometimes have a negative effect. Call us now!

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