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The right way to have a perfect shave


If you thought shaving was just about slathering your face with shaving cream and dragging a razor across, then you have got it absolutely wrong. There’s much more to shaving than that. Here are some useful shaving tips that will make your morning ritual more efficient and less painful.


Attacking the skin right away with a razor and some cream can lead to increased friction that will cause razor burns and cuts. To avoid this, you must first wash the area with a cleanser and warm water. This will help you remove any oil and dirt from the hair and face and make it easier to shave. It is best if you can take a shower before shaving as this will ensure that your beard is perfectly moistened.

Next, take the shaving cream or gel and spread it across your face. Make sure you use a good quality cream that contains moisturizers and lubricants, like silicones. A good cream will make a rich creamy lather and not foam. Once you apply the cream, let it sit for 1-2 minutes to help it soften the hair further and make shaving effortless. Lesser resistance will also mean that your blade will last longer!


Once the above prep is done, use a shaving brush to lather the cream/gel. The purpose of a shaving brush is not just to help lather the cream, it also helps to push the cream into the hair, exfoliates the skin and lifts up the hair. When choosing a brush go for the one that is stiff enough to lift the hair, yet soft-bristled to help lather. 

The quality of the razor blades determines the quality of shave you get. Always use sharp blades as a dull blade will give you razor burns and itchiness. Dunk the razor in hot water before shaving as this will help remove any accumulated dirt, hair, etc and will also help lubricate it. 

When shaving, always shave in the direction of the hair growth and not against it, to prevent cuts, skin inflammation, and hair ingrowth. Be gentle while shaving and let the razor glide on your skin without applying too much pressure. When shaving the sensitive lip area, you can blow air in your cheeks to lift the area and make it taut in order to shave without cuts. Alternatively, you can push your tongue against the gum under the lip area for the same purpose. Use short strokes when shaving (1-2 inches). This will prevent the razor from clogging and give you better results. When shaving the neck, you can tilt the head back and pull down the lower part of the neck in order to get a good stretch. If you wish to reshave, apply the cream again and follow the same steps. Do not over-shave as this will increase the risk of razor burns and razor rash. Clean your razor thoroughly after shaving.


Following the shaving, immediately rinse your face with cold water to remove any residual cream. You can also wash with warm water and use a facial cleanser containing tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic) and witch hazel (has astringent properties) to soothe the irritated skin. This should be followed up by a cold rinse to close pores. Once this is done, dab your face with a towel. Avoid vigorous rubbing as it will irritate the skin further.

Apply a good aftershave that will help moisturize and calm the skin. Avoid those containing alcohol as they tend to dry out the skin. You can also use a moisturizer designed for men to keep the skin hydrated.

We hope you get your shaving game perfect this time with our tips or give a try to  BeYouPlus Signature Laser Hair Removal- Beard Shaping and give your beard a perfection and an elegant shape.

Do share your tips with us and tell us how your experience was. Till then #Happyreading.

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