Stop dieting immediately! Start changing your lifestyle


For a long time now, a lot of people have become maniac about the varieties of diets & their effects, like Keto, Paleo, Intermittent and many more. From diets that promise you to help lose 10kgs in a month, to the ones which help you change the entire eating pattern, it’s all crazily followed!

Another term trending today is a ‘Lifestyle Change’. You can see it everywhere, from television to magazines. From Facebook to Instagram! Cementing this term on varieties of products and selling them is a famous marketing tactic. Companies follow it rigorously and succeed too. But in reality, science claims that long-term weight loss is a result of healthy lifestyle changes, not intense dieting. Yes! You knew it wrong.

People deprive themselves of every food instead of consuming a healthy one. But, your body is smarter than you think. It not only strips away the excess weight but all the healthy nutrients that your it stores, which is not at all the correct lifestyle choice. The biggest problem with dieting, however, is that sheer excitement of being on diet and losing pounds, fades away after a few days and people come back to the pavilion of eating unhealthy food.

Instead of following harsh diet charts, you should prefer switching to a lifestyle change. Lifestyle Change is the inverse of dieting. It includes active day, healthy eating including good fat, indulging in relaxing sessions, keeping sleep on a priority, reducing alcohol intake, gulping in lots of water, meditation, less screen time and lots more. Lifestyle Changes don’t require you to follow an extreme diet pattern and restrict you from eating junk foods, rather it requires you to eat everything but within limits and demands you to workout routinely. Lifestyle change teaches you that moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Think about how you view your personal weight loss efforts. Are you trying to toughen it out so that you can finally get back to your normal patterns of eating? Or are you designing a lifestyle that makes keeping weight off not only possible but also probable?

Share your take on dieting and lifestyle changes with us till then Keep reading!

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