Happiness- A Gateway To Glowing Skin


Imagine…You woke up on a sunny morning day. You stepped out of your bed, went to the bathroom, saw yourself in the mirror & screamed your heart out! Guess what happened? Yes! You saw a red little bump relaxing on your softy-soft cheeks & having a wonderful time. What would you do? Panic? Conceal? Pop it out? Nahhh, none of those things! You need to smile and stay happy. Coz’ ‘Happiness is the key to glowing skin’.

Skin health is like a double-edged sword. Stress can actually cause skin blemishes and blemishes can cause spiking-stress. It’s a never-ending cycle of skin & stress. More pessimistic feelings come about because of being self-conscious about the skin imperfections. If you feel frowned & irritated, then your body will automatically move into the state of survival and your skin will help you by indicating your body condition through acne & other skin issues. Dr S. Kiran of BeYouPlus Trusted Kiran Advanced Skin Hair and Laser Clinic says “Be Happy, Be Energetic, Be Young at heart and see its reflections on your skin. Your Skin is truly your personality. It’s wise to invest in it.” Thus, happiness, in general, has a huge effect on your looks and skin health.

Smiling puts a glimmer into your eye which will make you more beautiful. If you are not happy, calm & jaded with negative feelings, then your body releases cortisol and throws off your gut health. All of that ends up playing with your hormones – and showing up on your face. Being happy will give your skin a glow while being stress-free will relax your skin and be less likely to break out.

A good mood is directly proportional to the release of happy hormones and keeps your skin health amazing. And to top it all off, a few pieces of research also suggests that people who smile or laugh more tend to look younger, as a result, meaning that a little bit of positivity might be able to counteract the normal effects of ageing on your skin (feel free to ditch the frequent retinol application).

So,  to wrap all that happy talk up, we would like to say that stay happy in any condition. Being stressed will definitely not solve your problems but being happy can help you find the way out of your problems. Instead of solving any issue, if you are stressed and unhappy for a longer period of time, then that might start showing up on your face through acne, wrinkles, dark circles, uneven skin tone, extreme hair fall, greying of hair and other skin & hair issues due to hormonal imbalances.

Thus, stay positive as it can actually increase your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself naturally.!

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