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Can I use Parachute Coconut Oil on Face?


Recently, one of our users wanted to know if it is alright to use Parachute coconut oil on their face. She had sensitive skin and was worried that it would cause breakouts on her face. She also enquired if parachute oil can be used on the skin for the purpose of cleansing. A very wise decision to ask an expert before using any product on your skin, especially when you have sensitive skin. We asked esteemed doctors on our website to help her out and this is what they had to say:

Dr. Rajeshwari Jarupala said, “Coconut oil is a base of moisturizer that will prevent the dryness of skin, but nowadays all oils contain additives that will cause some time irritant contact dermatitis and cosmetic hyperpigmentation. So, it’s better to avoid the application of oil. If you want a moist face, instead of oil, you can use dermatology based moisturizer. For the cleansing purposes, go for medicated cleansing products. 1. Seba Med Moisturizing cream (morning and night) 2. For cleansing, purpose goes for loreal cleansing products.”

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan said, “Parachute coconut oil is NOT to be used on the face. You should also not use it for cleansing skin. It is good as a conditioner for hair and as an emollient (moisturizer) for the skin, after bathing, for areas other than the face.”

Dr. Sandeep Golla said, “Hi there, parachute coconut oil contains vegetable oil, sunflower oil, mineral oil, mustard oil, etc along with coconut oil, there are chances of inducing acne due to excessive oil application on face, but when used on extreme dry skin and in a limited way it may help in clearing the flakes, protects from sun damage, and may also act as antioxidant, rather you can opt organic pure, virgin coconut oil rather than parachute which also contains preservatives and added perfumes which may damage the skin.”

Knowing your skin type is the first step to being the owner of flawless skin. It is very important to understand what suits your skin in the first place. There is a difference between your scalp and skin, so the suitable products will be different as well, one cannot compensate for the other.

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    1. Hi,
      Take a blotting paper and put it on your face once you wake up in the morning. Remove the blotting paper and check it for the following:
      If t comes clean, then you have dry or normal skin.
      If it is oily all over, then you have oily skin.
      If it is oily in a T shape, then you have combination skin.
      Consult a dermatologist to understand which product will suit your skin type.
      Team BeYouPlus

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