Be Unapologetically Confident, Be Yourself!


The word that started a revolution a few years back, “Body Positivity” is tossed around these days just as if it was just another FAD. But it’s high time for us to give it the significance that is due, stop ranting about it and start taking meaningful action.

Body positivity is about realizing the value of one’s true independence in the context of appearance and personality. What you do with the gift of life determines who you truly are. 

Beauty, personality, attitude, posture, behavior aren’t merely some words trending in news and blogs. They are not just suggestions but a necessity for lifestyle in today’s generation, for one can only progress in life when they are content and confident about themselves.

The rise in popularity of body positivity was a result of various movements against racial discrimination, gender discrimination, body shaming and various other stigmas defined by society. If our history has taught us anything, it’s that beauty is a matter of perception and “black” or “gay” or “fat” doesn’t mean being “outcast” or “inferior”. Everyone is unique and as a community of intelligent beings, we must accept ourselves as who we are and learn to see beyond one’s physical characteristics.  

You must do things that give you joy and not practice other people’s opinions who are always ready to censor your true authentic feelings. Your body is allowed to exist exactly as it is right now, YOU are allowed to live your life the way YOU like!

Let them judge you, talk about you, comment on you, try to bring you down but never pay any attention to those who don’t appreciate your true value and beauty. Don’t let them discourage you or bring down your self-esteem or confidence, as they are just passing by and you are the one leading your life, where they have no influence whatsoever. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and brace yourself for cleaning away all the negativity of your mind about yourself. 

So, it’s time to give a shoutout to those people who are working on loving their body and mind, in every possible way. In spite of complaining and judging oneself, they are proud of whoever they are. WE love you and are truly inspired!

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