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Acne: The Unfamous stress for dry skin


We often relate oily skin with acne due to excess sebum production, but did you know that dry skin is also prone to stubborn acne breakout? I suppose you don’t! Many acne patients find it an infuriating struggle with dry skin, as a result of a side effect of some drug, or frequent washing of the face. For some individual dry skin can cause itching and annoyance. Lack of moisturizer makes the skin sensitive and more prone to breakouts. So, dealing with it quickly is important irrespective of whatever is the cause.

How does dry skin cause acne?

Dry skin is more susceptible to injury. Any kind of injury to the skin can promote an immediate immune response. The skin barrier function is very important for immediate repair. But immune response also means more Acne, causing inflammation. People with dry skin have a weak skin barrier that allows more bacteria and chemicals to penetrate the skin. Also, exposure to air pollution and chemicals may penetrate the skin, thus making it more susceptible to inflammation and breakouts.

Ways to deal with dry skin and violent acne!

Remove the irritant: The first step is to first remove the source of the irritant that makes the skin dry. Sometimes that is the easiest possible way to start working on skin health. You can stop using soap which is harsh on the skin and switch to a milder cleanser. Avoid long hot showers and baths that break the skin barrier. Alcohol-based cleaners can cause flaking and peeling of the skin further and do not forget to gulp water like a fish!

Moisturize: Followed by looking for a good moisturizer that helps to seal the moisture in your skin. Moisturizers create a fat layer on top of the skin and work as the natural oil. Since moisturizers are a mixture of water and fat, opting for light lotions are better than cold creams that can make your skin more acne-prone. Moisturize the skin right after the shower when the skin is wet, as it penetrates deep into the skin and locks in the moisture. Sounds good, right? 🙂

Choose non-toxic products: Most skin care products come with some kind of irritants that can bother the skin.  They can be preservatives, colours and fragrances. Look for labels that state non-irritating, or non-allergic to the skin. You can also go for organic skincare products. Easy, Isn’t it?

Use natural ingredients:  Some of the best treatments for dry skin can be found in the kitchen. Choose natural ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber and olive oil for acne on dry skin. Tomato juice brings the natural glow to the skin while fighting acne. Olive oil is also a great product that can do amazing wonders on the skin.

Are you ready to combat dry skin and acne? Coz’ we are and we want to you too! Tell the world about your acne story and help others to deal with them. Till then #Happyreading

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